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From the Hummingbird Blog

Milwaukee Sustainability Guides

These sustainability guides are kept up to date with the latest and most accurate information to help you live more sustainably in Milwaukee.

How To Compost In Milwaukee

The Composting Guide explores everything from what composting is to how to get started composting your food scraps and compostable items.

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How To Recycle In Milwaukee

The Recycling Guide explores why recycling is critically important to the environment and how to become a recycling pro at home.

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How To Vote Green In Milwaukee

The Green Voting Guide explores how we can utilize our vote to enact meaningful sustainability changes in our communities.

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Mandi McAlister of Hummingbird

About Mandi

Hello! I’m Mandi and I’m committed to making Milwaukee a sustainable city. I worry about how climate change and environmental injustices are impacting our lives today, and in the future, and I want to do what I can to prevent it.

I believe that our actions are powerful. Everything we do from small changes we make in our daily lives, to big changes we advocate for in policy and process, has an impact. We have the ability to improve the lives of all Milwaukee residents and the future of this planet.

This idea, along with every one of you taking action, inspire and empower me! I believe that if we each do what we can, and work together as a community, we can build a sustainable Milwaukee. Thank you for being here!