Hummingbird’s mission is to engage the community in action that will build a sustainable Milwaukee, where all people can thrive and live in dignity.

Sustainable means our city is able to adapt and sustain itself in our changing environment and climate. It also means our city is socially sustainable and supports healthy and livable communities for everyone.

We focus on:

  • Fighting racism and systems of oppression in our community
  • Building community around action and our shared values
  • Advocating for policy that ensures all people and the planet can thrive
  • Sharing information that inspires and enables the community to take action

Hummingbird is a social enterprise. This means everyone is compensated fairly for their time and work, and all profits from our services go back into the business to further our mission. Basically, we reinvest in and support our community instead of buying megayachts and trips to outer space. 🙂