Looking for more information on sustainable living? These resources are some of my favorites and have been very helpful in my journey.

Big Picture Information

The Story of Stuff

I love all of their videos! They do a great job of explaining big ideas and issues in a fun and informative way. All of the videos are awesome, but I highly recommend these two:

  1. The Story of Stuff – This video takes a look at production and consumption in our culture, and the environmental and social justice issues that are involved. Very eye-opening!
  2. The Story of Solutions – This video talks about how our economy is currently striving for more, and explores what it would be like if we strived for better. I’m definitely playing the “game of better” and it’s been rewarding.

Environmental Policy Information

Union of Concerned Scientists

Just as you might guess, this non-profit uses science to solve environmental problems. Love it! They advocate for science in policy on a federal level and make it easy for you to do the same. Sign up for their newsletter and they’ll keep you updated! Visit their site here.

Wisconsin Conservation Voters

They are all about using our right to vote to protect the environment in Wisconsin. Right up my alley! Their Vote Tracker makes it easy to follow bills as they move through the State Capitol. And I love using the Scorecards to see how my representatives have voted on important issues. Visit their site here.

Milwaukee Environmental Heroes

Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO)

ECO’s seven initiatives are building a sustainable Milwaukee! Check out initiatives like Milwaukee Shines and Me2 to make your home more energy efficient and sustainable. Visit their site here.

Fresh Coast Resource Center

The Resource Center was opened by Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) and offers a wealth of information on how to manage water where it falls to protect waterways. Great info on rain gardens and rain barrels! Visit their site here.

The Glass Pantry

Milwaukee’s first zero waste, bulk store! The Glass Pantry is a great resource for reducing your packaging and plastic consumption. They offer household supplies and kitchen ingredients. Visit their site here.

Kompost Kids

These folks know everything there is to know about composting and will gladly share it with you. I love working with them (and Compost Crusader) to expand composting infrastructure in Milwaukee. They’re also a great group to brainstorm with when it comes to using compost as a way to make Milwaukee street festivals near zero-waste. Visit their site here.

Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Amazing resource for information on the health and issues impacting the Milwaukee River Basin. I’ve learned so much about this ecosystem and what we can do to protect it from this non-profit. Visit their site here.

Milwaukee Water Commons

Water is life! This non-profit does a fantastic job of demonstrating what value water has across all communities and why we need to protect it. They hosted some of the most meaningful and inspirational events I’ve been to in Milwaukee. Visit their site here.