UPDATE: Details of this project have evolved since its initial launch. You can find updated project and sign up information on the Building a Multicultural Environmental Community page here.

Nearby Nature, Milwaukee Environmental Consortium, and Hummingbird invite you to join in Building a Multiracial Environmental Community. Through collective study and action, we commit to ending the oppression and marginalization of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in our community and in the environmental movement. We hope you’ll join in!

To get started, we’ll learn about white supremacy within our community so we can effectively dismantle it. We’ll work through Layla F. Saad’s book, Me and White Supremacy, while taking action along with local BIPOC leaders working against racism.

How to Join

Starting March 16th, we’ll begin working through Me and White Supremacy and collectively taking action against racism. All are welcome to participate in the way that works best for them. To join in, let us know which way works best for you.

1. With an Unlearning Circle

We’ll organize you into a small group based on your availability. You commit to meeting virtually with your circle once a week using The Circle Way to work through Me and White Supremacy. All members help lead the circle and support one another in this study and action. Join an Unlearning Circle here.

2. With an Accountability Buddy

You work through Me and White Supremacy on your own, and I’ll send you an email once a week to help hold you accountable to your commitment to study and action. Request an accountability buddy here.

3. Independent Study

You commit to working through Me and White Supremacy, or other antiracism resources, on your own while taking action. Sign up here to join in collective action while you study.

4. Collective Action Only

You know or have studied how racism and white supremacy are present in your life and the environmental community. Sign up here to be alerted to regular actions so we can collectively work to dismantle it.

A Call to Environmental Organizations

The environmental movement has a history of racism and exclusion. To make sure this doesn’t continue, we invite environmental organizations here in Milwaukee, and throughout Wisconsin, to become committed partners in this work. They also commit to inviting their community, members, volunteers, etc to join in as well. To become a committed partner, please fill out this form.

The organizations listed below have signed on to the following statement:

As an organization, we commit to dismantling white supremacy and racism in our community and in the environmental movement, so that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) can live and work in dignity. We commit to becoming partners with BIPOC leaders working towards environmental and social justice.

Questions or Comments?

Leave a comment below with any questions or comments you have. We’d be happy to chat with you.

Finally, please share this invitation with others! The more people there are committing to ending the oppression and marginalization of BIPOC in our community and the environmental movement, the greater the change we can make. Thank you!

Special Acknowledgements:

This work is inspired by the following anti-racism educators and activists. I encourage you to get to know them and support their work.

Thank you to Melika Edquist for organizing Unlearning Circles last summer and creating a model for us to use. Thank you to Sandra Jones for her guidance throughout this project.